A picture of Dolorès and Freddy from LETTEN 94



Zurich, 1994. Along the banks of the Limmat river, on the railway tracks of the disused Letten station, the largest open drugs scene in Europe is in its last year. Federal Councillor Ruth Dreifuss visits the site and meets addicts who lie on the ground, injecting themselves with heroin. From the Kornhausbrücke, the view looks like a dystopian landscape.

Comprising Dolorès and Freddy Van Ballast, LETTEN 94 is a Swiss coldwave duo which takes this mental image of Letten, and more widely of Europe in the aftermath of the fall of the Berlin Wall, as a starting point to try to create electronic music which is sometimes aggressive and syncopated, sometimes dark and mysterious. The guitar, putting into relief the railway-inspired rhythms of Van Ballast, commemorates the post-punk movement, while the deep and haunting voice of Dolorès prepares listeners for the clearly nihilist tone of their creations.


23 July 2021: Digital 2-track single release of "Empty Landscapes" (Cold Transmission, CT 110).

22 July 2021: Release of the official music video of "Empty Landscapes".


28 August 2021
Festival Toxoplasmose XIV (Saint-Imier, Switzerland)
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18 September 2021
Atelier Farmer Punch (Saint-Ursanne, Switzerland)
Private Event – Contact us if you wish to attend

27 November 2021
Cold Transmission Night 2021 @ OXIL (Zofingen, Switzerland)
Organized by Cold Transmission Music and Gothwerk
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31 July 2021 – CVLTARTES (English) – Romania
The New Collab of LETTEN 94 w/ Normotone is a Soul Crusher Chant Colored in Coldwave Tones by Nicolae Baldovin

25 July 2021 – Luminous Dash (Dutch) – Belgium
Uitheems Geduister #147 by Nel Mertens

23 July 2021 – Obsküre Magazine (French) – France
Actualités Musique : LETTEN 94 by Emmanuel Hennequin

20 July 2021 – White Light // White Heat (Engilsh) – Italy
Ride through the "Empty Landscapes" of modern dystopia with LETTEN 94 by Fabrizio Lusso