In this 1959 Radio Canada interview with Pierre Nadeau, Jack Kerouac talks about his favorite writers and specifically Louis-Ferdinand Céline. Please find below our tentative English transcript of this beautiful document. I personally consider that the greatest writer in the world is Louis-Ferdinand Céline – his real name is Destouches…Continue Reading

Only eight days after Genesis P-Orridge, a central figure in industrial music that would deserve several articles on them alone, we have learned of the sudden death of Gabi Delgado-López, singer and co-founder of the band Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft (DAF), who passed away at the age of 61, leaving behindContinue Reading

Le Craeybeckxtunnel, entre le ring d'Anvers et la E19

In Europe, the journey on the motorway to a major city is usually quiet and monotonous. We set our cruise control to one hundred and twenty, one hundred and thirty, one hundred and sixty kilometres per hour possibly, depending on our personal preferences, but still, we progress imperceptibly in theContinue Reading